Joining The Team


Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Peachy, I will be adding to the team here to bring you more information and assistance. I will be answering questions on facebook and twitter to help you find the product that fits your personality and lifestyle best. I am happy to be a part of making our world a greener place.
A little about me, is that I am currently in school to be a licensed midwife, I have been studying the female body and reproductive system for over two years now, and I’ve attended over 40 births, only two of which were in the hospital. I have traveled to 5 countries and been a part of teaching English and serving the poor in Central and South America. My goal is to complete school this coming summer and to train midwives in developing countries to better their birth outcomes, both for mom and baby.
I am passionate about nature and natural products, especially for precious, soft baby skin. I believe our cloth products are a great way to pamper our bodies, and the added health benefits are enticing.
Thank you,
Peachy Sloan

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