Go With The Flo Designer, Robin


January was the 4th anniversary of my being in charge of Go With The Flo pads. Every January, I pause and think about the creator and designer of Go With The Flo – Robin DeGregario. I’d like to share the story with you!

Also a work at home mom, Robin, wanted to create a better pad than what was available to women. In 2005, she debuted the ingenious results of her months of hard work: the contoured all-in-one pad with an original construction method that allowed for a sleek fit and leak protection wings. The design took off like wildfire, and Go With The Flo quickly became one of the most sought after brands of cloth pads.

The demand for Go With The Flo pads began taking too much of Robin’s time away from her family, and this was where her heart truly wanted to be. I had gotten to know Robin over the past couple years through an online forum for work-at-home-moms, so it was an easy transition for me to buy the Go With The Flo brand and continue Robin’s work.

I am very grateful to Robin for entrusting her “baby” with me! Making Go With The Flo pads has been my favorite part of working at home. At times, we’ve been so busy, I’ve been able to bring in other women to help. Having a team of dedicated women working with me consistently has been my goal from the beginning, and I continue to hold that vision in front of me as Lilia Designs continues to grow as a whole company.

Additionally, my dream is to regularly give both products and monetarily to where we see the greatest needs…I am excited to have recently been able to serve the needs of women in Kenya, and I will share about that in another post…

Thank you for making this vision a reality! Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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