About Our Company

Lilia Designs is modeling the change we need on our planet. We are an innovative design company focused on making the shift to green living easy and successful for you! Our product lines include Maui Diaper cloth diapers, Go With The Flo cloth pads and clothes you’ll want to live in – all made from organic fabric! Lilia Designs is also your source for baby shower gifts: bamboo wash cloths, bibs, cotton swaddling blankets, and hemp/bamboo contoured nursing pads for women.

Lilia Designs is serious about treading lightly on the Earth, and our businses practices reflect this dedication. Our products are hand-crafted using only natural fiber and organic fabrics such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton and wool. Hand-dyed items are dyed with non-toxic dyes. No harsh chemicals or pollutants are used during the dying process. We take great care to ensure our supplies come from reputable sources and meet both our quality standards and safety rules set forth by the CPSIA. Lilia Designs is a fair-trade company; nothing is factory-produced. Since our beginning in 2003, we have remained ‘Made on Maui’!

Be the Change!
Anna Hakes, Lilia Designs
Maker of Go With The Flo pads & Maui Diaper products

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